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Back from vacations

Posted: September 26, 2009 by newhavenlse in Uncategorized

Pazot, myself and our wives have returned from our vacations so keep your eyes peeled for more articles on skepticism, humanism, politics, science, history and rationalism.


The US based Center for Inquiry has the following mission statement on it’s about page:

To oppose and supplant the mythological narratives of the past, and the dogmas of the present, the world needs an institution devoted to promoting science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. The Center for Inquiry is that institution.

At the Center for Inquiry, we believe that evidence-based reasoning, in which humans work together to address common concerns, is critical for modern world civilization. Moreover, unlike many other institutions, we maintain that scientific methods and reasoning should be utilized in examining the claims of both pseudoscience and religion. We reject mysticism and blind faith. No topic should be placed off limits to scrutiny—certainly not fringe science and religion, which have an enormous influence on beliefs and conduct.

Based out of Amherst NY, the Center for Inquiry is responsible for publishing a number of magazines and the Point of Inquiry Podcast.

I fully recommend checking out the Podcast and the Center for Inquiry website here

For those of you who enjoy listening to Podcasts, one of the best I have come across (hat tip to pazot for this) is Little Atoms.

You can visit the website for Little Atoms here.

Little Atoms is a Podcast and Radio show that discusses, politics, atheism, rational thinking, science and humanism. Its impressive range of guests include:

It can be heard every Friday from 19:00 to 19:30 on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM, is available for download on itunes, and can be heard via the website

It was believed to be one of the richest cities in the Roman Empire, its name was Altinum and it sat upon the mouth of the river Silis. The port town was blessed with Amphitheaters, temples and all the modern conveniences of the Roman world. Hypocausts and Aqueducts would have provided its wealthy citizens with warmth and water whilst Roman galleys brought goods from around the Empire to its doorstep.

However in the middle of the 5th Century (approx. 452AD)  the city was deserted as Atilla the Hun and his army marched south towards Rome sacking all in their path. Unlike most Roman cities, the site was not buried under layers of Medieval and modern construction. In fact the inhabitants are believed to have settled in Venice taking some of the building materials with them.

Some 1555 years later during the dry summer of 2007, aerial photography of the area revealed the city hidden below the parched crops. Archaeologists from Padua and Venice University are currently drawing up plans for excavations of the site which may give way to some impressive finds.

Below you can see some fascinating computer models of the site from the BBC:

This is certainly going to be an interesting story to follow as it develops.


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Welcome to Tycho’s Elk, a new blog about politics, science, scepticism, rationalism and anything else that interests us.

My areas of interest include religion, pseudoscience and superstition – the types of thinking that encourage them and the injustices done in their names. I also work in the media and am therefore interested in how related ideas are portrayed on television and in print.

My co-blogger, The English Radical shares some of my interests and opinions, but his views also diverge from mine in a number of areas. We hope this blog will foster discussion and constructive argument as much as it also shows solidarity in its broad rationalist position. To this end, we heartily invite the reader to add their opinions, views and ideas to any matter being discussed via the comment link attached to each post.