Righteous Indignation – Podcast

Posted: October 11, 2009 by newhavenlse in Groups and organisations

As a great fan of Podcasts here is another one I would like to share with our readers – Righteous Indignation.


The Podcasts website states:

Righteous Indignation is the pod­cast that aims to crit­i­cally exam­ine extra­or­di­nary claims and the peo­ple who sur­round them. These include ideas related to con­spir­acy, the para­nor­mal, the super­nat­ural and attempts to rede­fine the bound­aries of sci­ence and understanding.

It’s well worth a listen and laced with jokes and double-entendre. dirty humour

  1. Aw, thanks for the plug. I don’t know what you mean about being laced double-entendres though….

  2. theenglishradical says:

    That was a reference to Trystan’s dirty sense of humour!

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